A multidisciplinary team with extensive experience

Our objective is to support, manage and disseminate performing arts projects, working in collaboration with both the public and private sectors.

We offer support and advice in the creation and production process

Let’s do some professional planning!

Within the performing arts sector, there is a market that can be complex and difficult to access or it can be promising if we implement the appropriate measures and follow the correct paths.

At Ínsula Cultural we define the market for a project or artistic production in its two aspects; potential market and real market.

We support your Project by:

  • Analysing the artistic proposal and promotional material.
  • Researching your best market: geographical, social and economic.
  • Finding the best networks to promote your project: national and international fairs, circuits and festivals.
  • Scheduling the production process.
  • Follow-up.

Who We Are

Violaine Bailleul

Violaine Bailleul

Graduated in Economics and Cultural Project Management (Nanterre, Paris), she has 20 years of experience in performing arts administration, working for Africolor music festival (Paris), Bip’s service de presse (Paris), Animasur (Granada), LOST Theater (London).

In 2013 he began her collaboration with Shapeshifter Productions (London), coordinating community & music projects: searching for partner organisations, grant requests, budget management, logistics, monitoring and evaluation.
She founded her own agency Whirligig Arts Management in London, in 2013, organizing the tour outside their own countries for Vaivén Circo, Lanordika, Theatre De La Toupine.

She is in charge of the international development of Insula Cultural.

Laura Campoy

Laura Campoy

Graduated in Drama (ESAD, Málaga), she obtained a master’s degree in Cultural Management (UGR – USE). Laura focuses her career on cultural management in the broadest sense: production and development of projects within the sectors of performing arts, heritage, music, events, community and education.

An expert in emotional management and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), since 2018 she has been developing training and mediation for arts & educational projects for children and young people in collaboration with Granada Borough Council.
In 2020, she co-founded Ínsula Cultural, carrying out tasks of tour booking and tour management for several companies and launching artistic and cultural projects for schools and municipalities.

Pepe De La Blanca

Pepe de La Blanca

With a Diploma in Teaching (Early Childhood Education – UGR) and a Master in Cultural Management (UGR – USE), he started in the performing arts sector with his own professional company, combining with his teaching vocation. Pepe has always been taking part in associative projects; both as a founder and as an active member.

In the performing arts sector, Pepe has worked in different areas such as: theatres, hospitals, schools, heritage, etc. Developping cultural management in the private sector first, and in the public administration for the last 5 years.

Convinced that networking is the way forward as well as being more rewarding.

“Culture unites us and gives us more freedom.”

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